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There are five conditions that affect whether an employee qualifies for InstaPay.


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The five conditions

Condition Explanation
Must be paid in Arrears

See scenarios.

Number of Pay cycles You must have been paid a minimum of 3 times consecutively.

You must not have taken leave for the period you wish to claim InstaPay for.


If you have an upcoming termination date you will be ineligible for InstaPay 


Must be over 16 years old.

Additional circumstances that affect your eligibility

  • Available funds - InstaPay funds are only available on wages paid in arrears. If your entire pay check is paid in arrears, funds will be available for the duration of your pay cycle. If only part of your pay check is paid in arrears (i.e two weeks in arrears, two months in advance), InstaPay will only be available for two weeks of your pay cycle you have been paid in arrears.
  • InstaPay is not available while a pay run is in progress. A pay run is the action your payroll admin takes to process pay for all employees, and it is typical for a pay run to take two to three days, i.e if you are normally paid on the 15th, your payroll admin may commence the pay run on the 13th.
  • If paid based off timesheets these must be approved and paid in arrears 
Scenarios based on pay frequency

Monthly Pay Cycle

  • Employee A is paid monthly in advance - Employee A will never be eligible for InstaPay.
  • Employee B is paid monthly half in arrears and half in advance - Employee B will be eligible for InstaPay for the 2 weeks in the month that they are paid in arrears and they will not be eligible for the two weeks it is in advance.

Fortnightly Pay Cycle 

  • Employee C is paid fortnightly in arrears - they will be eligible for InstaPay during their pay cycle after the first day of work in the cycle is completed.
  • Employee D is paid fortnightly half in arrears and half in advance - they will only be eligible for InstaPay for the arrears portion.

Weekly Pay Cycle

  • Employee E is paid weekly in arrears - they could be eligible.
Scenarios - Salaried employee vs timesheet employee
  • Employee A is paid monthly and is salaried - they will be eligible for InstaPay for the period they are paid in arrears.
  • Employee B is paid fortnightly based on timesheets they submit - they will be eligible for InstaPay based on the approved timesheets they have for their next pay run.

Glossary of terms

  • Arrears - this refers to being paid for the time you have worked after you have worked.
  • Advance - this refers to being paid before you have completed work.
  • Salary - You can be a salary employee and not be full time.
  • Pay run - the process undertaken by your payroll admins to pay all employees of your organisation.
  • Pay cycle - the time period over which you are paid (e.g. weekly, fortnightly, monthly).


If you qualify for InstaPay by satisfying the above conditions, it will take 1-2 business days for InstaPay to process and to appear in your account.

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