Employee does not exist Employment Hero Payroll error message via the HR platform


Type. Feature. Error Name.
Import conflict. Employee file. Employee file does not exist on Employment Hero Payroll.


You will encounter this error when a user's employee file only exists on your Employment Hero (EH) HR platform and not on your EH payroll platform.


To resolve this error, you will need to transfer the employee record on your EH HR platform over to your EH payroll platform.

How to transfer an employee record
  1. Click the   General Settings menu.
  2. Click the Add-ons submenu.
  3. Click the Actions   button.
  4. Click the   View Conflicts button.
    Showing the Add-ons page with the the Actions and then the View Conficts buttons highlighted.
  5. Click the Use EH Data button. Showing the View Conflicts page with the Use EH Data button highlighted.

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