Payroll lodgement error: CMN.ATO.Payevent. EM14160


Type. Feature. Error Number. Error Name.
Lodgement error. Payroll event. CMN.ATO.PAYEVNT. EM14160 We were unable to process your submission because we located multiple files to be replaced.


This error means that the payroll platform has detected the submission of multiple full file replacements in quick succession on your ATO portal. A full file replacement gives you the ability to replace the last pay event file you sent through to the to the ATO that contained errors, or which contained corrupted data. To read further details on what the Full File Replacement feature is, refer to the following article published on the ATO's website.


You should not submit a full file replacement for pay event corrections.


You can only re-submit a full file replacement once within a 24-hour period. To resolve this error, wait 24 hours before re-submitting another full file replacement through the ATO portal. The error will auto clear on the payroll platform once the 24 hours have elapsed.

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