CMN.ATO.Auth.008 | Payroll Lodgement Error


Type. Feature. Error Number. Error Name.
Lodgement error. ATO Portal. CMN.ATO.AUTH. 008. You are not authorised to submit this lodgement on behalf of the client.


This error means that you have not appointed a business representative in your ATO portal. A representative is an entity that you appoint to act on your behalf in your portal. Transactions completed on your behalf by such an entity are legally binding, as if you had done them yourself. A representative in this context is not the same as a registered tax or BAS agent.

The agency relationship is separate from, and besides, any relationship you may have with a registered tax or BAS agent. Your representative for tax lodgements can view and work with your tax information in the ATO portal.


The error stems from your ATO portal and not from the payroll platform. To resolve this error, you will need to have access to your organisation's ATO portal.


You need to log into your ATO platform and appoint a representative to handle your tax lodgements. To read further information on how the Business Appointments function works, you can refer to the following article published on the ATO's website.

Helpful Hint

Sometimes the linking of a newly appointed business on the ATO portal with the payroll platform may take 24 hours to process, so wait overnight before making another lodgement request. Also, if the business appears on your client list and is not a restricted client, you many need to remove and re-add the business and then re-process your lodgement.

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