Payroll platform opening balances: Employee employment termination payments (ETPs)


When transitioning from another payroll provider to Employment Hero's Payroll platform, you may have terminated employees that have existing Year to Date (YTD) employment termination payments (ETPs). It is important to transfer these earning amounts over to ensure your employees have the correct financial records. 

The Opening Balances Employment Termination Payments feature allows you to select an employee file and enter their accrued YTD ETP amounts. You would only use this feature if you need to migrate terminated employee data over to your new Employment Hero Payroll platform.


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Getting started

Adding opening ETP balances
  1. Click the Employee menu.
  2. Click the List submenu.
  3. Click on the employee who needs ETP amounts added.
  4. Click the Opening Balances button.
  5. Click the Employment Termination Payments (ETPs) tab.
  6. Enter the required ETP figures.
  7. Click the Save button.
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