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The Business Portal provides you a centralised hub where you can manage the different organisations that may make up your business group. By having a centralised place to control aspects such as administrative access, closed beta features, along with unified reporting across all your organisations, will significantly reduce the administrative time spent on managing this process.

The Access Level feature within the Business Portal allows you to create the different levels of access that your business portal admins can fall under, i.e. you may only need your operational team to have access to reporting and not templates. You can also use this feature to edit any previously created information and delete a record if it is no longer required.


Access Level:   Business Portal Admin   Business Portal Owner
Platform   Business Portal   Reseller Business Portal

Getting Started

Creating a new access level
  1. Click the Access Level menu.
  2. Click the Add Access Level button. 
  3. Complete the following fields:
    • Access name.
    • What can Business Account Administrators with this Access Level do:
      • Manage all templates in the business account.
      • Manage all business account adminstrators.
      • Report on all organisatons in the business acount.
    • Who is assinged this access level.
  4. Click the Save button.


Editing an access level
  1. Click the Access Level menu.
  2. Click the Edit button. 
  3. Make the required changes and click the Save button.
Deleting an access level
  1. Click the Access Level menu.
  2. Click the Delete button. 
  3. Click the Delete button.
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