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There are many features in our product offerings that relate to expense management. We have built these feature options to cater to the many roles in your business that need involvement in the expense reimbursement process.

Need to know where an employee can go to submit expense claims, or where a manager can go to approve it? This article helps guide you to the various features that your organisation can leverage to manage expenses by role so you can choose the options that best fit your business.


Feature HR Web Platform HR Mobile App Payroll Web Platform Workzone
Add an expense claim.        
View their expense claims.        
Edit an expense claim.        
Delete an expense claim.        


Feature HR Web Platform HR Mobile App Payroll Web Platform Workzone
Submitting expense claims for an employee.        
Approving expense claims individually.        
Approving expense claims in bulk.        
Request further information individually.        
Request further information in bulk.        
Declining expense claims individually.        
Declining expense claims in bulk.        
Mark expense as paid individually.        
Mark expense as paid in bulk.        
Downloading expense claims.        
Filtering expense claims.        
Viewing an employee's expense claims.        
Editing an employee's expense claim.        
Deleting an employee's expense claim.        
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