HR contractor setup: Platform feature access and user visibility


When adding your contractors to your Employment Hero platform, you may need to control what features they have access to on your HR platform. You may also want to have a certain set of your employees to have visibility over your contractors, to help mange their details and documents assigned to their contractor file.


Setup Contractor Feature Access

The Side Navigation Menu feature allows you to enable or disable HR platform features you may not want your independent contractor accessing. For example, if your organisation does not need contractors to access the Safety feature, then you can turn this feature off and your contractors cannot access this feature anymore. To read further information on this feature, refer to the following article.

Setup Contractor Management Access

Within your organisation, an employee may manage just the asset register, or they may just be in charge of assigning learning to your employees. At Employment Hero, we know these employees do not need full admin access but tailored access to suit the needs of their role, which is where our Custom Security feature comes in handy.

The Custom Security Settings feature allows you to customise what your employees can see and do. This feature allows you to avoid having to make nominated employees an Employment Hero Admin unnecessarily. This allows you to control who can view, modify and delete contractor files, information and documents. To read further information on this feature, refer to the following article.

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