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The below training video will walk you through how you can set up a journal connection, either via an API integration or via a downloadable file. The API integration options allow you to connect, for example, your Xero or Saasu accounting platforms with your Employment Hero Payroll platform and transfer data between the two platforms. Whereas the file option allows you to set up up a downloadable file, for example, a Wiise or Pronti Xi journal file, you can download from your Employment Hero Platform and then upload into your accounting platform.

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  What is a chart of accounts?  

A chart of accounts is a way of categorising costs, expenses, and other transactions related to running a business. You allocate each dollar that moves through your business to an account type listed in the chart of accounts, making sure the correct categorisation of every transaction.

A business will typically have different accounts for expenses, such as rent, utilities, and payroll/wages. It is also common for a business to break this down further by attributing payroll by location, cost centre, or both.

  What is a journal service?  

A journal service is a feature that allows you to connect your accounting software with your payroll platform so that you can capture journal entries to the chart of accounts. For example, if you use Xero for your accounting software and journal service, and Employment Hero for your payroll, you would simply connect Xero with Employment Hero Payroll via the journal service integration section.

  What type of journal services are available??  

There are two ways to export your journal data from your Employment Hero Payroll platform:

  1. Use one of our software integrations between Employment Hero's payroll platform and one of the following accounting software providers:
    • Saasu.
    • Xero.
    • QBO.
    • Netsuite.
    • Netsuite One World.
    • FreshBooks.
  2. Export a journal file from your payroll platform that you manually upload into one of the following supported accounting software:
    • File export (generic).
    • Detailed File export (generic).
    • MYOB export.
    • Attaché export.
    • Reckon Accounts export.
    • MicroPower export.
    • Jonas Premier export.
    • Financials Office 365 export.
    • Wiise export.
    • Pronto XI export.
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