Payroll FAQ: How do I import employees from my Attaché platform


How do I import employees from my Attaché platform?


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You can use the Employee Importing feature within the Payroll Settings module to import in bulk from your Attaché platform. You will need to undertake the below steps via your Employment Hero Payroll platform.

Importing my employees from attaché
  1. Log into your Attaché platform.
  2. Export your Attaché Employee Data report into a tab delimited txt file.
  3. Log into your Employment Hero Payroll platform.
  4. Click the  Business Settings menu.
  5. Click the Payroll Settings submenu.
  6. Click the Import Employees button.
  7. Select the Attaché Employee Extract option in the Import Employees From drop-down.
  8. Complete the following fields:
    • Primary pay category:
      • Full-time employees.
      • Part time employees.
      • Casual employees.
    • Pay slip notifications:
      • Email.
      • SMS.
      • None.
    • Automatically create missing locations.
  9. Click the Select File button.
  10. Click the Confirm Upload button.

    Helpful Hint

    You will now see on your screen a status message showing the successful uploading of your attaché employee data into your payroll platform.


Further information

Details on this import process

Some notes on the import:

  • The platform will allocate the cost centre from the data extract as the employee's primary location and the location within the file as an additional employee location.
  • The data extract includes both an hourly rate and an annual rate. The platform uses the hourly rate and base rate while it will discard the annual rate, as it is not completely accurate.
  • The locations are all set up at the top level currently, i.e. no nesting.
  • Because of Attaché limitations, the employee files will be incomplete after the import and you will need to enter further information. The data that is not imported includes:
    • Email address.
    • Bank account details.
    • Super fund details.
    • Leave balances.
    • Year-to-date figures.
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