How do I post a standout job advert to Seek via the HR platform

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How do I post a standout job advert to Seek?


You can post a standout job to Seek via the Role Posting feature within the Recruitment module. A prerequisite you will need to complete first is setting up your Seek integration.

Helpful Hint

We base the Duration field on the first time the job ad was posted, not when it gets reposted. We will automatically populate the Duration field when reposting a role based on the original duration selected on the original posting.

Interactive steps

Click here for an interactive demo

Written steps

Post a standout job to Seek
  1. Click the  Recruitment menu.
  2. Click the Jobs tab
  3. Click the   button.
  4. Click the Edit Job Details button.
  5. Click the Adverts tab.
  6. Click the Post to Job Boards button.
    Seek 2.jpg
  7. Select the Seek option and click the Continue button.
  8. Complete the following fields to make the Standout option appear:
    • Duration.
    • Category.
    • Location.
  9. Select the StandOut tile from the Advertisement Type list.
    A recruitment advertisement selection with three tiles. StandOut is highlighted with a red box
  10. Complete the required fields and click the Publish button.

    Helpful Hint

    If you want to preview how the job looks on seek before publishing, at the top of the page, click the Preview Your Job Add button.

  11. Click the Got It button.
    Seek 1.jpg

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