Payroll lodgement error: SBR.Gen.Auth.008


Type. Feature. Error Number. Error Name.
STP Lodgement error. Payroll event. SBR.GEN.AUTH.008 Your nomination with the software provider may not contain the correct Software ID in Access Manager.


This error only occurs if you configured your ATO supplier settings so that a registered tax/BAS agent is lodging events to the ATO on behalf of your business and you have not set up the electronic lodgement properly. 


It is essential that you contact the ATO either by calling them or using the Access Manager platform and link the Software ID to each ABN. If you opt to call the ATO, we recommend having the following information on hand:

  • Proof of ownership record, for example, personnel TFN, date of birth, address or recent ATO generated notice.
  • Your Australian Business Number (ABN) or, if you are a registered tax agent, you can use your Registered Agent Number (RAN).
  • The name or ABN of your software provider.
  • Your unique Software ID provide by your software provider.
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