How do I add screening questions to postings on the Seek Job board via the HR platform


How do I add screening questions to postings on the Seek Job board?


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You can add screening questions to your Seek job board postings easily. You add these at the point of adding the job posting, not in the Screening Questions tab. Follow the steps below to get answers back with every response you receive to your Seek posting. You can read more on how to set up your Seek integration in the following article.

How to add screening questions to Seek postings
  1. Click the  Recruitment menu.
  2. Click the Jobs tab.
  3. Click the   button.
  4. Click the Edit Job Details button.
  5. Click the Adverts tab.
  6. Click the Post to Job Boards button.
  7. Click the Got It button.
  8. Select the Seek option and click the Continue button.
  9. Complete any following fields:
    • Recruitment contact phone number.
    • Duration.
    • Category.
    • Location.
    • Job summary
    • Optimise this advert.
    • Screening questions.
  10. Set the Screening Questions toggle to the On position. 
  11. Click the   Add Questions button. Screenshot of closeup showing the switch for the screening questions
  12. To write the questions: put the text in the question field, and select a question type:
    • Long answer.
    • Dropdown.
    • Multiple Choice.
  13. If required, set the Enable Preferred Answers toggle switch to the On position.
  14. Select the Preferred Answer tick box next to the relevant answer.

    Helpful Hint

    When selecting your questions for Seek, you can choose the multiple choice and dropdown answers to be ranked via the preferred answer feature. It allows you to score or rank and in some cases auto-disqualify candidates depending on their answers at the recruitment stage.

  15. Click the Save and Continue button. seekpref.jpg
  16. Click the Publish button.


    Please note that your questionnaire cannot be updated once posted to SEEK.

    screenshot showing types of questions available and the publish button is also highlighted in red.

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