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From the 1st December 2022, there is a planned price increase taking place for Employment Hero subscription plans. Increasing subscription costs is never an easy decision and we understand that this change will impact you. We are here to support our customers in this uncertain economic climate and we are open to discuss any options with you that will make the adjustment to the new list price more manageable.

Continued investment in the platform coupled with today’s inflationary environment has made this decision necessary. Previous scheduled price increases have been delayed or halted because of Covid, and for over two years we could maintain the subscription costs. We aim to continue being the best solution for your business, and we hope that Employment Hero’s cost and time efficiencies have helped you to significantly improve the world at work for your business.


Frequently asked questions

  Why are we making this change?  

Employment Hero has delivered significant enhancements and new features including the recruitment module (ATS), enhanced 1:1s and new rostering and time and attendance functionality. Continued investment in the product coupled with today’s inflationary environment has made the difficult decision to increase subscription costs necessary.

As we continue to invest in the level of platform and technology needed to keep pace with the ever-changing needs of businesses, this increase is necessary to provide ongoing development of the product.

  How do I know if my pricing has increased?  

All impacted customers have been emailed. Please make sure that you check the email registered to your Employment Hero account for more information. 

  My account manager said I was on a fixed price when I signed up?  

When signing up to Employment Hero, you are on a fixed price for the initial contract period of 12 months. This agreement has since passed the 12 month period.

  My business is experiencing financial difficulty, can I discuss payment options?  

We are here to support our small business customers, so please let us know if this increase will cause your business financial difficulty by replying to the email. We understand there may be some customers who will need to discuss options that make the adjustment to the new list price more manageable.

  I have some additional questions about this.  

If you have received an email regarding these price increases, you can reply directly to the email if you have any additional questions.

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