Recruitment module feature by subscription via the HR platform

Recruitment feature breakdown

Feature. Standard. Premium. Platinum.
Job board integrations.      
Careers page on Employment Hero Jobs Boards.      
Careers page API for auto-posting to your own company careers page.      
Recruitment reports.      
Custom hiring process.      
Hiring managers and collaborators.      
Email candidates individually.      
Calendly integration.      
Direct messaging (Requires app and application through EH Jobs Board.)      
Evaluation templates      
Default candidate tags.      
Ability to block candidates.      
Seamless onboarding, i.e. syn details and supporting documents from the recruitment module.      
Candidate Scoring.      
Customise experience levels.      
Screening questions, including screening question templates.      
Bulk actions involving moving, emailing, or blocking candidates in bulk.      
Recruitment email templates.      
Outlook integration for interview scheduling.      
Gmail integration for interview scheduling.      
Talent pool.      
Reference Checks.      
Disqualify based on screening questions.      
Custom candidate tags.      
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