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Shout Outs   Helps in suggesting the perfect Shout Out for your colleague. Platinum
Announcements   Helps in suggesting the perfect Announcement wording. Platinum




Overview Bio   Helps with creating an outstanding bio. Platinum
Management Notes   Click the AI support button to create well crafted notes. Platinum


Job Descriptions   Click the AI support button to quickly and easily get the most suitable job description to match your role.  Platinum
Candidate activity feed.   Let our AI support you in suggesting well-written mentions to a team member.  Platinum
Scheduled meetings.   Let our AI support you in perfectly wording your meeting requests. Platinum



Employee Recognition.   Click the AI button for ideas on appropriate recognition wording. Platinum
Happiness Surveys.   Helps with creating a well-crafted Happiness Survey. Platinum



1:1s   Click the AI button if you want it to suggest appropriate wording for your talking points. Platinum
Feedback   Perfectly word your feedback message that you need to send to your colleagues or team members.  Platinum


 Email Templates   Click the AI support button to assist with email template wording. Platinum
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