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How do I update my email address in Go1?


When you add a user into the HR platform and you are connected to the Learning platform, Go1 will create an account for that individual with their HR account email. If the employee's account email is their personal email address, this will flow through to Go1, however, if you changed their email address in HR this change will not reflect in Go1.  You can absolutely change a users email address in Go1, though kindly note:

  • You can only change the email address of a user if it is associated with your company domain.
  • If you require an email address change that is not associated with your company domain, the employee needs to update their own email address.
  • Having different account emails in the HR and Go1 platforms may impact the employee's ability to click through from HR platform and access the Go1 platform

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  • I have one account using two email addresses,

    To start with I worked for MYLI through an agency for three months using my personal email address then I started working for MYLI its self and I was put on there pay role,

    That was when they put me on there pay role and gave me my work email address and since then,

    One part with my personal email address that I use to see rostered shifts and my time sheets and also clock on and off, and also see my pay slips,

    But if I have to put in a leave request then I have to log in with my work email address,

    How do we change it so that everything is only on my work email address?

    Also I log into my account with my work email address on my phone but I can't on my laptop.

    Yet I can log in using my personal email address on the laptop and my phone.

  • HI James Tasker

    Thanks for reaching out. As you have multiple questions/concerns, I've created a support ticket to assist you with these.

    Your support ticket number is here and you will receive an email confirming that support have received your request. 


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