Week 9 2024 | Release notes

Here are the EH releases for the week February 25-March 2 2024


Swag Mobile Infrastructure

  • Search Tool

    • Release Date: 23/02/24
    • Description: Enhances user experience by enabling efficient navigation and feature discovery within the Swag app.
  • Hero Points Widget on Dashboard

    • Release Date: 23/02/24
    • Description: Displays Hero Points balance on the Swag dashboard, enhancing visibility and accessibility.
  • 'All Shortcuts' on Swag Dashboard

    • Release Date: 27/02/24
    • Description: Provides quick access to all main feature tabs across Work, Money, Benefits, and Career.
  • Job Seekers Dashboard

    • Release Date: 27/02/24
    • Description: Personalizes the dashboard for candidates, showing matched jobs and profile health.


Workplace Compliance

  • Employee Filter V2 (Slice 2) Minor Release

    • Release Date: 23/02/24
    • Description: Enhances the functionality of filters to support pagination and retain applied settings across multiple pages.
  • Cost Centre Sync to Payroll when Saving Custom Work Hours (Slice 2)

    • Release Date: 23/02/24
    • Description: Enhances backend and frontend UI for syncing cost centre data to payroll systems.
  • SEA Localisation

    • Release Date: 23/02/24
    • Description: Enhances the Nationality field in onboarding and employee profiles by suggesting local nationalities based on the entity's location.
  • Remove ‘Other’ Bank Name for Account Type Electronic for MY Orgs

    • Release Date: 28/02/24
    • Description: Removes the 'Other' bank name option to align with payroll requirements, updating affected accounts to manual deposit.
  • Enhancing Consistency in Interactive Filter and Graph Experience (Slice 1)

    • Release Date: 01/03/24
    • Description: Uniforms user experience across migrated HR reports, ensuring consistency in filters and graphs.
  • Induction Content Setting to Acknowledge/Renew Annually

    • Release Date: 01/03/24
    • Description: Allows HR Admins to set annual acknowledgements for induction content, enhancing compliance with ISO 27001.

eBenefits and FinTech

  • Launch Hero Points in the UK

    • Release Date: 19/02/24
    • Description: Enables UK employers to reward employees with Hero Points, restricted to distribution within the same country.
  • Health Insurance Waitlist

    • Release Date: 27/02/24
    • Description: Allows users to sign up as beta users for a new health insurance offer, increasing engagement and anticipation.
  • Benefits IA V2

    • Release Date: 27/02/24
    • Description: Introduces a new IA for benefits, enhancing user navigation and synergy among products.
  • Regulatory Compliance Review Changes Phase 1

    • Release Date: 28/02/24
    • Description: Implements best practices and updates legal disclaimers for Superfund products.


  • Beta Release of InstaPay to Payroll-Only Businesses
    • Release Date: 26/02/24 (Beta), rolling out starting 11/03/24
    • Description: Allows employees of Keypay Direct businesses to access a portion of their earned wages on demand.

Payroll - Malaysia

  • EPF Adjustment for Additional Payment (e.g., Bonus/Commission)

    • Release Date: 25/02/24
    • Description: Automates additional EPF contributions for non-monthly payments, supporting custom EPF schemes.
  • CP8D New Format for the Year of Assessment 2023

    • Release Date: 25/02/24
    • Description: Updates the CP8D text file format with new fields to enhance compliance with local tax regulations.
  • Social Security Foreign Worker Number in SOCSO - Borang 8A

    • Release Date: 28/02/24
    • Description: Captures the Social Security Foreign Worker Number in various statutory documents to comply with local employment regulations.
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