Week 10 2024 | Release notes

Here are the new releases from EH this week beginning March 3 - March 9 2024


  • New Match Notifications for Saved Searches

    • Release Date: 04/03/2024
    • Description: Users will receive in-platform notifications when new candidates (less than 7 days old) match their saved searches. Notifications link directly to the Saved Searches page featuring a new table column for viewing these candidates. Users can manage notification settings under Recruitment Settings > SmartMatch.
  • Improve ATS UX

    • Release Date: 05/03/2024
    • Description: Enhancements to SmartMatch communication tools on the ATS platform include a new Reply email button, clearer internal activity icons, and updated candidate interaction emails.
  • Scaling SmartMatch Highlights Slice #2

    • Release Date: 05/03/2024
    • Description: Updates include backfilling certifications and education entries for existing users, and enhancements in candidate preview features in SmartMatch.


Workplace Compliance

  • Custom Fields in Open API

    • Release Date: 04/03/2024
    • Description: The API now supports accessing and managing custom fields created within organizations, allowing for integration of custom field data into third-party applications.
  • Enhancing Consistency in Interactive Filter and Graph Experience

    • Release Date: 05/03/2024
    • Description: Users can now apply filters within the Headcount Report and see immediate updates reflected in both the graph and the full report.
  • Build Your Own Chart

    • Release Date: 06/03/2024
    • Description: Introduces support for donut charts in the custom reports builder, allowing dynamic legend adjustments and supporting various data categories.
  • Policies Setting to Acknowledge/Renew Annually

    • Release Date: 06/03/2024
    • Description: Allows new and existing policies to be set with renewal options, enabling automated cycle settings for policy acknowledgement.



  • AIO UK Entitlement Based Leave

    • Release Date: 08/03/2024
    • Description: Automatically enables AIO Leave for new UK customers and links HR to Payroll with AIO settings, incorporating pro-rata leave balance updates upon employee termination.
  • HR Rostering MVP

    • Release Date: 08/03/2024
    • Description: Introduces a minimal viable product of a rostering tool for HR-only organizations, allowing comprehensive management and interaction with shifts.


Payroll - Malaysia

  • Set Timesheet Period When Creating a New Payrun
    • Release Date: 07/03/2024
    • Description: Allows admins to specify and adjust timesheet periods for payruns, accommodating different periods for salary and commission/overtime.


CX & Growth

  • ATSI Reporting (slice 2)
    • Release Date: 07/03/2023
    • Description: Adds the ability for organizations to report on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander status, included during onboarding and in employee files.



  • BAU - Journal Integration Improvements
    • Release Date: 06/03/2024
    • Description: Enhancements to the Dynamics 365 Business Central and Sage Intacct journal integrations, including better error handling and more informative descriptions.


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