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Company values are the ideals that shape your company’s identity, that have the power to shape decision-making, attract and keep talent, and motivate your employees. The most common values are integrity, boldness, honesty, fairness, and trustworthiness, but there is no shortage of values to choose from for your organisation.

The Company Values feature allows you to view the details of each of your organisation's chosen company values, enabling you to see the what your leadership team feels embody the vision and purpose of your business. This will give you an understanding of what behaviour your employer is looking for from their employees.

HR Best Practise

If you do not already have company values in place, Employment Hero has templates you can use for inspiration. Alternatively, you can use our blank template to add any company values that are already embedded within your company.

Putting your company values in to Employment Hero allows you to realise the benefits of Employment Hero's recognition feature. Taking advantage of this feature allows you to recognise those employees that live and work by your company values and helps to show the type of behaviour you want to encourage throughout your business.

Employees who represent your values will be positive role models for others.


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Viewing my company values
  1. Click the   Engagement menu.
  2. Click on the company value you want to read.

    Helpful Hint

    You will now see the details of the selected company value on your screen.

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