Tax and National Insurance details incomplete | Xero Error


Type. Feature. Error Name.
Sync error. Tax and NI Details. The Tax and NI details for this employee is incomplete. Please complete this information.


When connecting your Employment Hero and Xero platforms, Xero requires each of your employee records to have a completed Tax and National Insurance Details page. If this page is not complete, then you will encounter this error when you try to sync the employee file over to your Xero platform.


The solution is to complete the Tax and National Insurance Details for each of the affected employee records. To read instructions on how to enter these details, you can refer to the following article.

Helpful Hint

Until your employee record syncs to your Xero platform, Employment Hero will treat the employee record as a Standalone HR record, i.e. you can edit the required Tax and NI Details. However, once the employee record syncs over to your Xero platform, all edits to this page will need to be undertaken via your Xero platform.

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