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If you are wondering why you have or have not received an email from Employment Hero, you are in the right place! Keep reading to learn more about what types of emails Employment Hero sends, and how to make sure you receive these emails.

Service vs marketing emails

Firstly, there are two types of emails Employment Hero sends; service, and marketing emails.

Service emails

Service emails are necessary and important, and will notify you of any updates or changes that could affect your use of Employment Hero. We only send service emails to active users of Employment Hero. Service emails can be:

  • Triggered by behaviours on the platform.
  • Important product-related notifications, for example, updating your app.
  • Something that is required by law, for example, privacy policy updates.

You cannot unsubscribe from these emails while you are an active employee of an organisation using Employment Hero or Swag. If you are no longer employed by an organisation using Employment Hero but still receiving these emails, it is likely your former employer has not offboarded you from the platform. Please email them directly to inform them that you are still receiving service emails from Employment Hero. If you were offboarded but are still receiving these emails, please submit a ticket.

Marketing emails

Marketing emails come from, you guessed it, our marketing team. To learn more about why we send these emails, and how to opt out of them, please see our FAQs below

Marketing emails FAQs

  Why am I receiving a marketing email from Employment Hero?  

We regularly send emails to HR and payroll admins regarding product changes, your use of Employment Hero, HR and payroll newsletters, invites to webinars, offers and promotions and wellness emails. Employment Hero also sends emails to employees from time to time regarding our benefits platform, Swag. Individual users can unsubscribe from marketing emails via the link at the bottom of every email or you can use the following link.

  Why have I not received a marketing email from Employment Hero?  

It will depend on whether you are an existing Employment Hero user, or are a new user. If you are an existing user, or have previously received updates, the most likely reason is you have previously unsubscribed from the email types.

You can update your subscription settings in the following link. If you are a new user, you can subscribe to our HR newsletter here, or our payroll newsletter here. Please note that we send some emails to specific users, for example HR admins, payroll admins, or employees. If you are an existing admin that is not an HR and/or payroll admin, but would still like to receive these newsletters, you are welcome to subscribe to our HR newsletter or our payroll newsletter.

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