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Available for the following New HR plan Standard, Premium, Platinum Available for the following user access levels: Employee, Manager, Admin

The employee file is available to all employees. It needs to be kept up to date and relevant at all times.  HR and Payroll admins have different levels of access to the files, but both can edit basic details and HR requirements. Please see below for a comparison table of the different levels of access. 

What you need to do

  1. Log into the platform
  2. Click on the Employee List
  3. Select the employee whose file you wish to view.
  4. This opens their employee file. As an admin you can see:
Employee File Element Owner HR Admin Payroll Admin
Personal details


Emergency contacts


Banking details


Pension details


Tax &NI details
Employment details
Work history      
HR doc      
Uploaded docs      


Management Notes      

Leave details

Time and attendance      
Pay Slips      
HMRC Forms      


Pay details

Pay rates      
Cost centres      
Leave allowance templates      
Work types      
Pay run inclusions      
State Payments      
Opening balances      
Incomplete Pay Details
What to do when there is an incomplete employee file. On the Employee List we will have a status icon next to the employee name to indicate the employee is not “Pay Run Ready”. This means that due to using HR quick import or an incomplete CSV document, fields are missing and information needs to be completed manually for this employee. The key details concerned are: Pay details, Tax & NI, Pension and Bank details in the employee profile to ensure this employee is Pay ready
Step 2: Importing the leave category
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