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Employment Hero has carefully categorised each feature to make them easy to access. Navigating your HR tasks has never been easier! By familiarising yourself with where feature items are placed, you will quickly become a pro at optimising your HR processes and boosting overall efficiency. 


Features ‌mentioned below are subject to your chosen subscription and platform.

Side and submenu layout

Primary nav bar. Home
Tab menu Dashboard
  Management Dashboard
  Feature Setup


Recruitment module
  Menu layout
Primary nav bar. Recruitment
Tab menu Jobs
  Hiring Process
  Job Boards
  Talent Pool


People Module (admin and manager view)
  Menu layout
Primary nav bar. People
Secondary nav bar. Personnel (Sub heading).
Organisation Chart
Employee List
Global Teams
Import Employees
Employee Requisition
Employee File Approvals
Independent Contractors
Onboarding Approvals
Compliance module
  Menu layout
Primary nav bar. Compliance
Secondary nav bar. Policies
Policy Management
Document Management
Bulk Issue Documents
Document Templates
Induction Content
HR Guides
Safety (Sub-heading).
My Incidents
Time module
  Menu layout
Primary nav bar. Time
Secondary nav bar. Leave (Sub-heading).
Leave Management
Timesheets (sub heading).
Timesheets Management
Pay module
  Menu layout
Primary nav bar. Pay
Secondary nav bar. My Pay (Sub-heading).
Pay Slips
Expenses (Sub-heading).
Expense Management
  Global Team (Sub-heading)
Engagement module
  Menu layout
Primary nav bar. Engagement
Secondary nav bar. Company Values
Employee Recognition (Sub-heading).
Recognition Management
Employee Engagement (Sub-heading).
Happiness Surveys
My Employee Happiness
Custom Surveys
  Exit Interviews
Development module
  Menu layout
Primary nav bar. Development
Secondary nav bar. Coaching (Sub-heading).
Learning (Sub-heading).
My Learning
Learning Management
Performance module
  Menu layout
Primary nav bar. Performance
Secondary nav bar. Goals
360 Reviews
360 Reviews Management
Performance Reviews
Performance Review Management
Benefits module
  Menu layout
Primary nav bar. Benefits
Secondary nav bar. Benefits
Order History
Reports module
  Menu layout
Primary nav bar. Reports
Secondary nav bar. Asset Register
Asset Reports
Custom Report
Tenure Report
People (Sub-heading)
Headcount Reports
Workforce Snapshot
Audit Trail
Compliance (Sub-heading)
Compliance Reports
Time (sub-heading)
Leave Report
Timesheet Report
Engagement (sub-heading).
Recognition Report
Shout Out Report
Development (sub-heading)
1:1 Reports
Assigned Learning
Performance (sub-heading)
Goals Reports
Reviews Report
Other reports (sub-heading)
2-Factor Authentication
Settings module
  Menu layout
Primary nav bar. Settings
Secondary nav bar. Billing
Payroll Settings (Sub-heading)
Employee Benefits
Cost Centres
Leave Allowance Templates.
Leave Categories
Pay Categories
Pay Schedules
Payroll Integration Issues
Work Types
Expense Categories
General Settings (Sub-heading)
Authorising Signatory
Company Settings
Locations & Public Holidays
Simplified Payroll
Custom Security Settings
Review Settings
Email Settings
Email Templates
Checklist Settings
Certification Settings
Employee Engagement
Company Value Settings
Recognition Settings
Reward Settings
Recruitment Settings
Employee File Approvals
Employee Requisitions
Customisation (Sub-heading)
Employee File
Custom Fields
Custom Branding
Notifications (Sub-heading)
Notification Settings
Notification Frequency

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