How do I manage my notification settings via the HR platform?

Available for the following HR plans: Premium, Platinum
Available for the following user access levels: Employee    , Manager    , Admin    

The notification settings feature provides you with the ability to activate or deactivate the email notifications that come from the HR platform. These emails can concern topics like timesheets, incident reports, scheduled duties, onboarding, and more, granting you the power to choose the messages that you get.

Helpful Hint

All users have access to the Notification Settings feature and can choose which notifications they receive. To view the list of all HR platform emails sent out, refer to the following article.

Daily activities

Update notification settings
  1. Click the   Settings menu.
  2. Click the Notification Settings submenu.
  3. Select Yes or No for the below settings:
    • Announcements.
    • Celebrations:
      • Work anniversary.
      • Birthdays.
    • Certifications.
    • Incident report.
    • Off-boarding.
    • On-boarding:
      • Manager on-boarding status.
      • Employee on-boarding status.
    • Pay slips.
    • Probation.
    • Recruitment
      • Candidate Applies
      • Candidate Withdraw Application
      • Candidate Movement
    • Scheduled tasks.
    • Timesheets.
      • Pending timesheets.
      • Timesheet status update.
      Screenshot of notification settings page. List of various notification settings then toggle buttons to the right of them for you to select which to have set to on or off

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