Activating a demo site via the HR platform

The Employment Hero demo site is an account with pre-populated data that Admins and/or Owners can use to trial the benefits of an Employment Hero HR Platinum plan. Meaning you can see how x feature works before you try to set it up on your organisation's platform. Please keep in mind the Employment Hero demo site does not integrate with any payroll or ATS platforms.


A Demo org is ‌still a Live platform, so you will need to be mindful of not adding in real email addresses, or contacting SmartMatch candidates etc as this will trigger emails to be delivered if you have not turned off Set Up Mode.


HR Plan:   Premium   Platinum
  User Access:   Employee         Manager         Admin      

  This is the default access level per user and whether they have  view,  edit and  delete access, excluding any changes made via our Custom Security feature.

Getting started

The below premise will walk you through how to activate a demo site.

Activate the demo site
  1. Click the Org Drop drop-down.
  2. Click the Set up Demo Account button.


    If we exhaust the allocation of demo sites, there may be a delay in creating one for you.

  3. Click the Let Me In button.

    Helpful Hint

    You will now see your Employment Hero demo site on your screen. You can click the Go to my Company Account button to return to your organisational account.


Further information

I cannot see the activation dashboard

If the creation of your organisation dates to before November 2019, then you will not see the Employment Hero demo site activation dashboard.

Who can use the demo site?

An owner or administrator from organisations created from 18th July 2018 onwards can create an Employment Hero demo site. You can identify that you are on the Employment Hero demo site by seeing a blue banner at the top of the page.

How long can I use the demo account?

The Employment Hero demo site remains active for 14 days. The owner and administrator will receive an email notification seven days into the trial, notifying them of the upcoming expiration date. After the 14-day period has ended, Employment Hero will delete the expired demo site and email a confirmation of its deletion.

Is there a limit to the number of demo sites I can have

Your organisation can only have one active demo site at a time. Once a site has expired, you can create another. There is no limit to the amount of demo sites you can create; however, you can only have one active at a time.

What happens to the information I created in the demo site?

Employment Hero deletes access to the demo site, and all entered data after the 14-day trial has ended. Any data you enter on the demo site is not recoverable; However, this does not affect your main organisation.

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