How do I configure company statutory settings in the Payroll platform?

Available for the following Payroll plans: Standard, Premium

The Statutory Settings feature allows you to enter your financial information, set up your statutory form settings, and fill in details such as your serial number, officer card/passport number, officer name, designation, email and phone number. This article looks at how to update and configure all these statutory details and many other fields in the Payroll platform's Statutory Settings form.

Getting started

Enter your statutory settings
  1. Click the   Business Settings menu.
  2. Click Payroll Settings in the submenu.
  3. Click the   Statutory Settings button.
  4. Input the relevant details in the following fields in the Statutory Settings section:
    • ITN/C
    • E number
    • EPF number
    • SOSCO number
    • HDRF rate
    • EIS enabled
    • Zakat number
  5. Enter your relevant details in the Statutory Form Settings section's following fields: 
    • LHDNM branch
    • Serial No
    • Officer card/passport number
    • Officer Name
    • Officer Designation
    • Officer Email
    • Officer Phone
  6. Click the Save button.
    screenshot showing Statutory Settings page and highlighting Save button.jpg

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