Week six 2023 | Release Notes

Welcome to this week's release notes. We have been busy, as always, working on our Employment Hero platform . Please see below for our new updates. 


HR platform
Recruitment Workplace ComplianceCore upgrades

Email Notification

Customisable email notifications now alert you when a candidate responds, books a meeting, or has a pending action. It will have a positive impact on the hiring process as there are always deadlines and strict timeframes while recruiting.

Pass Data to Onboarding

We will now prefill onboarding data from the candidate profile and role details such as their personal. You can read further information in the following article.

Payroll platform
Payroll integrations

A lot of work goes into building features within KeyPay and there are a lot of users that miss feature update emails and do not know these new features exist. The integrations team have added notifications to the dashboard, pay run dashboard, and after you finalise a pay-run.

It will let you know of features you are not using. You can easily dismiss any of these notifications, or link to the right page to connect to things like PensionSync, BEAM, IRD or any integration we offer. In addition to this, they will be able to ask for a new integration via a preformatted email template on the integrations page.

Global Teams

We recognise the need for people other than Admin/Owners being to able to onboard new hires, for example, hiring managers and talent acquisition managers. So we have now given you this option by allowing you to provide access to the Global Teams onboarding functionality to any user within their organisation via the Custom Security Settings feature.

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