Week seventeen 2023 | Release notes

Welcome to this week's release notes. Over the last week we have released an update to our Swag,  app and some exciting payroll integrations with Slack and Square.


HR platform
HR Core Platform Workplace ComplianceTalent Acquisition

AI assisted message generation

Release date: Monday 1st May 2023

We have added a new AI button for platinum users to generate well-crafted messages in:

  • Management Notes.
  • Email Templates.
Talent Management

React Migration of Review Settings

Release date: 26th April 2023

We have updated the Review Settings module so it uses our new Hero Design User Interface. 

Payroll platform
Slack Integration Square Timesheet Integration

Release date: 2nd May 2023

We are releasing a Slack integration with the first release including updating a Slack status when an employee is on leave. It includes annual leave, leave without pay, and time in lieu. More features are being added in the future. It is a premium integration which is a plan inclusion for plus plans.

App version 2.4.1 Candidate account deletion on mobile - Phase two

Release date: 26th April 2023 Apple app store with the Android one becoming available shortly after.

Main feature highlight for this release is:

  • Organisation Switcher now supports payroll-only businesses.
  • Payroll-only users now have the option to enable biometric authentication for login.
  • A new login flow has been implemented to address the timeout issue that caused our users to experience sign-in failure or automatic logouts after one day.
  • Payroll-only users now have the option to create timesheets for their advanced work hours.
Global Teams
New employee request form

Release date: 24th April 2023

To reduce friction with the new Global Teams Employee request form, we have made adjustments and updated the existing process:

  • We have added necessary fields such as preferred name and the ability to upload work eligibility documents.
  • We have shifted all required information to the first step in the process to increase the number of draft requests created by ourclients.
  • We have given our sales team visibility to these draft requests so that they can reach out to help clients through the process where required.
Swag Jobs
Update Swag Jobs search results

Release date: 26th April 2023

Previously, job seekers searching for jobs in a specific location in Swag would only be shown available jobs from that specific location. However, they would miss out on remote job opportunities that were based elsewhere but open to candidates from this location. To address this problem, we have updated the Swag Jobs search algorithm to display both local job openings and remote job openings that are accepting applications from the searched location.

For instance, a job seeker searching for a job in New Zealand would previously not show job listings from Australian companies, even if they were open to both Australian and New Zealand based applicants. With this update, a job seeker will now see both New Zealand-based jobs and remote jobs that are available to applicants who are based in New Zealand.

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