Week 19 2023 | Release notes

Welcome to this week's release notes. We have been busy as always and have launched a range of new updates to our Employment Hero platform. Please see below for our new updates. 


HR platform
Workplace Compliance AI Talent Management

Make compliance reporting and responding to audits easy

Release date: 9th May 2023

We have added the ability to remind staff who have outstanding Certifications, Policies, and Induction content from within the Compliance reports.

Swag jobs web platform
Swag profile wizard

Swag Profile wizard for Job Seekers & Applicants

Release date: 10th May 2023

After setting their password, users wil arrive on a Swag Profile landing page instead of the mobile adoption page. The page differs depending on if the user is a Job Seeker or Applicant. Job Seekers can either choose to use the wizard stepper to complete their profile or skip the setup. Applicants can either choose to have their profile automatically populated based on their submitted job application details or use the wizard stepper to complete the profile themselves.

We also have introduced a 3-page wizard stepper to guide users in completing the required sections of their Swag Profile:

  • Page one takes the users through reviewing their personal details, which we pre-populate based off your sign-up information.
  • Page twp takes the user through filling out their most recent work experience where they can utilise our AI magic wand to automate their summary
  • Page three takes the user through reviewing the inputted personal details and work experience information in their profile before proceeding to their actual Swag profile page

Updated formatting on Swag Profile PDF Download

Release Date: 11th May 2023

We have enhanced the current PDF design of the Swag profile. Changes implemented include:

  • Candidates can download an enhanced format of the current version.
  • Candidates can now see their verified work eligibility included in their PDF.
Swag mobile app
App v. 2.5.0
Beta groups
Payroll Integrations

Provide the ability for customers to select the environment they want to connect to for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Release Date: 11th May 23rd beta testing

We are launching a beta group where users will be able to connect different environments to the Dynamics 365 Business Central integration.

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