Week 21 2023 | Release Notes

Welcome to this week's release notes. We have been busy over the last week and have released many new updates to our Employment Hero product. Please see below for our new updates. 


HR platform
Integrations Core HRGoals

Keypay rebrand Add-ons Page

Release date: 23rd May 2023

With this update we have removed all references to integrating Employment Hero with Keypay on the Add-ons page and the associated One Click Integration flow. It also updates the URLs used by the integrations to aliases which include Employment Hero rather than keypay.

Payroll platform
Tax Relief

Ability to bulk update compulsory tax relief information

Release Date: 26th May 2023

We are introducing improvements to help payroll admins update employee tax relief more efficiently. The first enhancement involves extracting and updating essential tax relief details, such as marital status and number of dependents. This involves Rearrange the columns in employee data export/ import file, making it easier for admins to view and enter information. Add new optional columns to the employee data export/import file so admins can input all necessary details related to employee’s compulsory tax relief.

V.2.6.0v. 2.6.1

Swag V. 2.6.0

Release date: 22nd may

Included in this release are:

  • Bug Fixes/Improvements:
  • Fixed error preventing users from accessing the work page in the Swag app.
  • Moved the Benefit features to more relevant tabs.
  • Import and save super deals from Work to Money
  • Redeeming Hero Dollars using Swag Visa Debit Card Apple/Google Pay incentives now pay automatically.
  • Fixed leave requests not matching between Swag app and Web platform.
  • Fixed rostered shift data removing the first 0 from the phone number field
  • Fixed issue with uploading PDF files in Leave/Timesheets.
  • Qualifications no longer show on Swag when disabled on the Web platform.
  • Timesheets submitted in another timezone now work correctly.
  • Assigned roster locations no longer considered when clocking in.
  • Fixed the search filter for rostering locations failing to display a location in the dropdown list.
  • (Android Only) Can no longer choose classification and shift condition for clocking in when users should not be able to.
Global Teams

Release date: 23rd May 2023

With this update, we have reduced the time required to onboard new Global Teams employees by increasing automation ‌within the Global Teams onboarding process. These enhancements aim to optimise communication, increase efficiency, and improve the workflow for clients and internal admins.

Swag Jobs
CV Parsing and UploadCandidate InsightsCareers Page Job search

CV Parsing updates

Release date: 22nd May 2023

Changes implemented for Platinum users:

  • Copy Change from Upload CV to Bulk Upload CVs.
  • Update the error messages when a candidate fails the adding stage.
  • Updated the CTA from Continue to Create for consistency.
  • Disabled the buttons during the processing.

Separate CV and cover letter upload

Release date: 24th May 2023

With this update we allow users to upload candidates' CVs and resumes separately. With details being registered into their own dedicated fields, enabling more efficient evaluation of candidates' qualifications.

Hiring Essentials
Hiring Essentials

Hiring Essentials UX Enhancements

Release date: 19th May 2023

Changes implemented:

  • Hiring Essentials landing page introduction.
  • Improved the Move candidate through hiring process user experience
  • Removed the Collaborators step within Job creation wizard to reduce the friction point when creating a job role.
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