Week 23 2023 | Release notes

Welcome to this week's release notes June 5 - 11 2023. Over the last week we have released an update to our Swag,  app and some exciting payroll integrations.


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Hiring Essentials Self Service Upgrade (Slice 1)
Release date: 5th June 2023

We will be providing users a path to explore EH full feature offering (Demo Account) on their Hiring Essentials org. If they wish to upgrade, they will be directed to EH pricing page where they can contact sales to assist them with it.

Enhance SAP user search functionality
Release date: 9th June 2023

We have added ability to search for a payroll user via the EH SAP User search Note that to search for a payroll user, it must be an exact email match. Add a Payroll Employees entry to the User table, which displays the Payroll employees and orgs associated with the user email. Note that the employees currently includes a non functioning link - we will be updating this soon.

Enhance SAP user view to include Swag details
Release date: 9th June 2023

Whenever our users log into Swag, we will log some info such as the app version they currently have installed on their phone, what OS they are using the app on, what country and timezone it has configured on the Swag app. We are also logging their last log in IP so that we know there is no malicious user logging into the client account. This information is currently logged when user is logging in using email and password or magic link. We will also update the info whenever user logs in via their biometric/passcode. This is so that if user device gets updated to a newer version of the Swag app and did not initiate a login via email+password or magic link, we would still be able to capture the most up to date version of our user device.

New App Releases Updated features

Version 2.7.1
Release date: 1st June 2023

Swag version 2.7.1 is now LIVE.
This release includes:

  • Support for doing 1:1.
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements.

This release would include a force update components to get all users to update to this latest version as the team has been making a lot of improvements and bug fixes over the past month and some users are still running older versions. This should also help support team to reduce the number of support tickets that are coming in.

Version 2.7.2
Release date: 9th June 2023

We have fixed an issue where Money and Benefits was sometimes showing for excluded users. We would strongly, getting our users to update to this version please.

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