Week 47 2023: Release notes

Here are the release notes for week 47 2023 (Nov 20-26 2023)

Growth and CX Ops - Expired Employee/Contractor Invites

Release Date: 20/11/23
Target Users: All

  • Admins/managers can now differentiate between expired and pending invites for contractors/employees on EH.
  • New status added for expired invites (72 hours post reminder email) with sidebar notifications.
  • Resending an invitation reverts the status to pending, clearing the notification upon page reload.
  • Added "Invite Expired" filter option, prioritising expired invites on the employee list.

Pre-Payroll - View Clashes When Approving Leave Fast Follows

Release Date: 20/11/2023
Target Users: Admins & Managers (UK/SEA, HR standalone plans, HR + PY plans)
Release Note:

  • AM/PM displayed in Leave Request Clashes panel.
  • Team name included in Leave Request Clashes panel.


Pre-Payroll - Half-Day UI Fast Follows

Release Date: 20/11/2023
Target Users: Admins & Managers (UK/SEA, HR standalone plans, HR + PY plans)
Release Note:

  • AM/PM button now visible for leave requests.
  • Creation and editing of AM/PM leave requests enabled.

Swag Mobile Infrastructure - Version 2.19.0 Release

Release Date: 21/11
Note Highlights:

  • Scheduled Payments feature added for Swag Spend Account.
  • Bill management complaints flow in Money Pillar.

Swag Mobile Infrastructure - Minor Update

Release Schedule: 20 November (Public Release)
Objective: Enhance security against phishing attacks.

  • Modified error message on sign-up to mitigate user enumeration risks.
  • Account Deletion button added in "My Profile" for employee users.

Further Resources: [PRD for Details](Link to PRD here)

Core - New Charts and Components

Release Schedule: 21/11/2023
Target Users: All
Release Note:

  • Introduction of the Single Pie Chart, the first of the reimagined report chart components.

Talent - SmartMatch Access for Users in Talent Acquisition Roles

Release Schedule: 22/11/2023
Target Users: Talent acquisition-related job titles
Objective: Increase SmartMatch adoption.

  • SmartMatch access granted to users in talent acquisition roles for enhanced visibility.

Pre-Payroll - Team Calendar Fast Follows

Release Schedule: 24/11/2023
Target Users: Admins & Managers (Global)
Release Note:

  • Addition of New Reports Filter - Direct, In-Direct, and All.

These release notes summarise the key updates and enhancements made across various product families and initiatives within Employment Hero.

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