Week 46 2023: Release notes

This week's release notes are taken from Nov 13-19 2023 .

All in One Platform

  • Hero AI - Work Coach Internal Release
    • Initiative: Expand question scope for EH users
    • Objective: Reduce HRBP workload, provide customised career advice
    • Features:
      • Policies vs Work Coach question classifier
      • Introduction message from Hero AI
      • Work Coach enhancement, answering HR and career questions
    • Release Date: Internal (Web) 13/11, Public Release: 14/11 (Web), 23/11 (Mobile)
    • Target Users: EH Internal


  • Allow non-admins access to Checklist Settings
    • Initiative: Extend certain feature access to non-admins
    • Features:
      • Non-admin access to checklist setup
      • Custom Security Settings for expanded access
    • Release Schedule: 13/11/2023
    • Target Users: All HR users


  • Upgrade SmartMatch Onboarding for Mobile Users
    • Initiative: Enhance SmartMatch adoption
    • Features:
      • More responsive UI for mobile users
      • Data point reduction for qualification
    • Release Schedule: 14/11/2023
    • Target Users: Candidates

Global Teams

  • Flexible Reward and Recognition Settings
    • Initiative: Enhance control over rewards for GT employees
    • Objective: Provide greater control and flexibility
    • Features:
      • Admin control over rewards and recognition
      • Toggles for including/excluding GT employees
    • Release Schedule: 14/11/2023
    • Target Users: Host admin


  • Platinum Free Trial Organics Journey (SEA)
    • Initiative: Improve EH adoption via tailored experiences
    • Features:
      • New goal selection modal
      • Personalised 'Start Guide'
    • Release Schedule: 14/11/2023
    • Target Users: New platinum free trial users in SG and MY

Growth & CX Ops

  • Account Creation, Sign Up & Sign In Improvements
    • Initiative: Enhance onboarding, prevent accidental org creation
    • Features:
      • Updated employee invite email
      • Clear CTA for joining organization
    • Release Date: 16/11/2023
    • Target Users: All HR users

Team Talent

  • CV Preview on ATS
    • Initiative: Enhance candidate profile evaluation
    • Objective: View candidate CV on platform
    • Features:
      • CV viewable on candidate profile
    • Release Schedule: 17/11/2023
    • Target Users: Platform users evaluating candidate profiles

Workplace Compliance

  • Existing Report Migration

    • Initiative: Consistency in report appearance
    • Objective: Consolidate look and feel across reports
    • Features:
      • Unified appearance for existing HR reports
    • Release Date: 17/11/2023
    • Target Users: Global

These release notes summarize the key updates and enhancements made across various product families and initiatives within Employment Hero.

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