Week 45 2023: Release notes

Here are the Employment Hero Release notes for the week Nov 6-12 2023

Growth & CX

  • Delayed Activation Emails
    • Objective: Prioritize activation emails for a seamless trial account experience
    • Release Schedule: 03/11/2023
    • Target Users: Users signing up for Organics Free Trial
  •  HR Login Page Optimisation (fast follow)
    • Objective: Minor improvements to login experience
    • Release Schedule: 09/11/23
    • Target Users: All EH Users


  • Renaming of Leave Items for Localisation
    • Target Audience: UK/SG/MY customers using HR standalone leave
    • Release Schedule: 7th Nov (Public Release)
    • Objective: Provide localised experience by renaming leave references

Swag 2.18.0


Talent Management

  • Compensation Manager Reports
    • Objective: Admin access to new compensation reports
    • Release Schedule: Public 7/11
    • Target Users: Platinum & Premium Global

Talent Acquisition

  • SmartMatch dashboard for signed-in job seekers
    • Description: New SmartMatch features for job seekers on mobile
    • Release Schedule: 7 Nov 2023
    • Target Users: Job seekers on mobile
  • LinkedIn Premium API Update
    • Objective: Update LinkedIn Premium API for better user connectivity
    • Release Schedule: Public 07/11
    • Target Users: All

Integrations - Payroll

  • Tech debt improvement
    • Objective: Align integrations & improve technology
    • Release Schedule: 13/11/23
    • Target Users: Payroll users integrating with Xero

Core Platform and Security

  • Remove 2FA reset flow from 2FA report page

    • Objective: Enforce 2 Factor Authentication policy
    • Release Schedule: 13/11/23

Core Payroll

  • Prevent users from adding new businesses under EH Payroll brand
    • Objective: Drive existing customers to EH sales for upselling
    • Release Date: 13/11/23
    • Target Users: Existing EH Payroll brand users

These release notes summarize the key updates and enhancements made across various product families and initiatives within Employment Hero.

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