Week 43 2023 | Release notes

Here is a roundup of the new releases from Employment Hero for the week beginning October 23 -October 29th 2023. 



Access to contractor timesheet/leave management inside HR+PY orgs

In organisations where HR+PY are connected, independent contractors can now submit their timesheets and leave requests through the HR platform, even if they are not linked to payroll. 

Release Date: 24th October 2023

Target Users: Admins in HR PR Swag beta orgs

Growth & CX Ops

HR Login Page (Account creation, sign up & in)

To prevent accidental employee organisation creation, clearer actions were implemented. Unnecessary copy was removed, and changes were made to the org sign-up copy for clarity. An info modal was added for employees to join an existing organisation.

Release Date: 24th October 2023

Target Users: All HR users

eBenefits and FinTech - Super

Partner funds consolidation request - Aware

Aware Super initiated the 'Fund my lost super' journey in Swag and HR. Swag users with Aware added are prompted to consolidate their super in the app. New Aware members via SCMP get an optional step to enable 'super services' during onboarding.

Release Schedule: 24th October 2023

Target Users: EH & Swag users with Aware as their nominated fund


Braze SDK implementation with Swag

Braze, a powerful marketing tool, enables advanced user segmentation for personalised marketing messages. This aims to increase Swag app adoption and guide users to premium in-app features.

Release Date: 24/10/23

Target Users: All


SmartMatch v1.2 update

The update includes including non-verified candidates in recommendations, using profile/job title for matching, fixing issues in recommending candidates, and updating ranking logic.

Release Schedule: 25th October 2023

Target Users: All


Direct Messaging between SmartMatch Candidates

A simplified chat feature allows direct messaging between users and candidates, improving user engagement and reducing barriers to adoption.

Release Schedule: 27th October 2023

These summaries highlight the key changes and updates across different product families.

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