Week 50 2023 | Release notes

Here are the release notes for new products for the week 11-17 December 2023. 

Pre-Payroll - Swag Leave Enhancement

  • Release Date: 6th December 2023
  • Target Users: All UK and SEA organizations
  • Description: Users can now view clashing leave requests in the Swag app, enhancing manager oversight.

SmartMatch V2 - Team Talent

  • Internal Change Only
  • Description: Improved recommendation engine with semantic search and scoring.

Update Statutory Contribution and Tax Settings - Payroll Malaysia

  • Release Schedule: 11th December
  • Target Users: Admins
  • Description: Implemented 2024 statutory contribution and tax settings.

Swag Mobile Infrastructure Updates

  • Release 1: Removal of iOS tracking permission prompt
  • Release 2: Dashboard shortcuts for managers and employees
  • Release 3: Integration of Braze Content Cards on Swag dashboard
  • Impact: Enhanced data accuracy, streamlined workflow, and targeted marketing.
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