Week 13 2024 | Release notes

Here are the new releases for EH for the week March 24 - March 30


Custom Security Settings (CSS) UI and Subplan Updates

  • Description:
    • When subplans change, CSS groups using unsupported permissions will be disabled.
    • A "revisions needed" status will inform admins about disabled CSS groups and the reasons.
    • Simplified application of permissions to all child items in grouped permissions.
    • Fixed a bug where downgrading to a free plan still provided CSS permissions.
  • Release Schedule: 26/03/2024 AEDT (delayed to 03/04/2024 AEDT)
  • Target: All customers globally

Start Guide Page - Compliance Aha Experience

  • Description:
    • Revamp Start Guide page for impactful “A-ha” moments.
    • Provide legally-sound HR documents, build positive work culture, ensure compliance, and go paperless with digital signatures.
    • Impact: Reduce time to value, increase conversion rate for clients <20 employees.
  • Release Schedule: 25 March 2023
  • Target Users: Organic free trial clients


Performance Review Enhancements

  • Description:
    • Admins can set separate timing for employee self-review and manager review with distinct end and lock-out dates.
  • Release Schedule: 26/03/2024
  • Target Users: Admins


AU Payroll

Promote Employee Self Setup as Default Onboarding Option

  • Description:
    • Prioritize "Start Employee Self Setup" in onboarding dropdown for AU businesses with ESS enabled.
    • Businesses can revert to "Add Employees" as default via settings.
    • Impact: Reduce admin tasks and enhance super fund adoption rates.
  • Release Schedule: 26 March 2024
  • Target Users: Australian businesses with ESS enabled


Workplace Compliance

React Migration of Pay Details Tab in Employee Profile

  • Description:
    • Refresh Pay Details tab with new look and uplift remaining legacy areas to React.
  • Release Schedule: 25/03/2024 (EH internal only)
  • Target Users: EH internal

Enhancing Consistency in Interactive Filter and Graph Experience

  • Description:
    • Ensure uniform user experience across HR Reports with consistent filters and graphs.
    • Multi-select functionality for Document and Employment Status filters.
  • Release Schedule: 26 March 2024
  • Target Users: Admin users & users with reporting CSS

Deputy (Enterprise Edition) Timesheet Integration - NZ

  • Description:
    • Extend existing Deputy timesheet integration to NZ customers, allowing them to import timesheets.
  • Release Schedule: 27 March 2024
  • Target Users: NZ payroll customers
  • Further Resources: PRD and Support article


Talent Management

Indirect Candidate Onboarding Flow

  • Description:
    • Update onboarding for indirect candidates focusing on non-CV data points like work eligibility, salary expectations, work type, and notice period.
  • Release Schedule: 26/03/2024
  • Target Users: Indirect Candidates

Feature Set-Up Guides - Content Uplift (SmartMatch)

  • Description:
    • Build scalable solution for new Feature Setup guides to support major releases and increase feature exposure and adoption.
  • Release Schedule: 27 March 2024
  • Target Users: Admin/Owner HR


eBenefits and FinTech

Enable Employee Milestone Reward Feature on HR Standard Plans

  • Description:
    • Enable milestone Hero Point rewards for birthdays and work anniversaries on standard plans.
  • Release Schedule: 27 March 2024
  • Target Users: AU and UK orgs on HR standard plans

Increase Usage of Hero Points on Swag Card

  • Description:
    • Drive awareness and usage of reimbursing swag card purchases with Hero Points by promoting the feature and reducing steps to enable it.
  • Release Schedule: 26th March 2024
  • Target Users: AU, swag app users

New InstaPay Now Balance Tiles on Swag Dashboard

  • Description:
    • Drive Instapay Now engagement by educating users about Instapay availability and balance status with new dashboard tiles.
  • Release Schedule: 26 March 2024
  • Target Users: AU HR users with Instapay

Super Choice Marketplace UX Uplift

  • Description:
    • Simplify the choice form process to provide an ATO standard compliant choice form and updated superfund details journey.
  • Release Schedule: BETA: 27/03/2024 | PUBLIC: 02/04/2024
  • Target Users: Beta: Standard and premium plans AU HR | Public: All AU orgs


ATS SmartMatch Promotional Notifications

  • Description:
    • Increase SmartMatch adoption rates by sending email notifications about available SmartMatch talent 2 days after ATS role creation.
  • Release Schedule: 26/03/2024
  • Target Users: SmartMatch users

New Platinum Free Trial Organics Journey (UK)

  • Description:
    • Increase conversion rate by extending new Organics Experience to the UK, including a new goal selection modal, personalised Start Guide, contextual panels, and A-ha experiences.
  • Release Schedule: 27 March 2024
  • Target Users: All new platinum free trial users in the UK

FTE Enhancement

  • Description:
    • Enhance FTE feature for diverse work schedules, accurate pay calculations, and leave calculations.
    • Custom FTE hours, integrated salary calculator, and accurate leave calculations.
  • Release Schedule: 27/03/2024 (EH internal only)
  • Target Users: All

NZ Payroll

Release Note: 2024/2025 Tax Tables

  • Description:
    • Deploy new tax tables for 2024/2025 effective from 1st April, applied automatically for pay runs from this date.
  • Target Users: NZ payroll users
  • Further Resources: Support Article
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