Week 14 2024 | Release notes

Here are the release notes for all new features from Employment Hero for the week of March 31 - April 6 2024


Core & ANZ Payroll

Automate Back Payments in NZ

  • Description:
    • NZ users can now automate back pay calculations, similar to the AU back pay feature. This feature eliminates the need for manual back pay calculations, which involves downloading reports to gather historical earnings, determining owed back pay, and manually calculating back pay earnings and PAYE.
    • Users can now access this streamlined process directly in the platform, saving time and reducing errors.
    • The back pay feature is available exclusively to users on the Plus/Premium payroll plans.
  • Release Schedule: 3 April 2024
  • Target Users: NZ payroll users on Plus/Premium plans



Bradford Score for UK Managers

  • Description:
    • The Bradford Score, which measures the impact of employee absences on the organization, will now be displayed to UK managers. This tool helps in identifying employees with frequent short-term absences.
    • Managers can access the Bradford Score in the employee profile, allowing for better management and support of employee attendance.
    • This feature aims to help managers take proactive steps to address attendance issues and improve overall workforce productivity.
  • Release Schedule: 3rd April 2024
  • Target Users: UK HR Standalone & AIO Leave Organisations

Localised Leave Experience in SEA Region

  • Description:
    • A new option has been introduced for assigning new employees to a leave policy in Singapore and Malaysia. Previously, managers could either not apply leave balances or apply the full balance amount upon assignment.
    • The new "Apply a pro rata amount" option allows for partial leave balances to be assigned based on the employee's start date. This provides fair and accurate leave entitlements for new employees.
    • This feature, previously available in the UK, is now extended to SEA regions to enhance the localised leave management experience.
  • Release Schedule: 4th April 2024
  • Target Users: Customers with organisations in Singapore or Malaysia using HR standalone leave


eBenefits and FinTech - Embedded Super

Super Choice Marketplace UX Uplift

  • Description:
    • The Super Choice Marketplace (SCMP) now includes additional tiles for existing member responses from partner funds. When an existing member response is received, an additional tile will be displayed, allowing employees to use alternative methods to find their funds.
    • Clicking on the ATO tile will open a link targeting the "Managing your super" page, which informs users how to use myGov to look up their existing super details.
    • To comply with industry standards and increase visibility, an 'Advertisement' tag has been added to partner fund tiles. This tag ensures transparency and provides additional disclaimer options.
    • These changes aim to improve compliance and enhance user experience by providing more information and options.
  • Release Schedule: Experiments starting 3 April 2024, ongoing
  • Target Users: ~50% of AU employers

InstaPay Daily

  • Description:
    • InstaPay Daily allows users to break free from the traditional work-now-pay-later routine. Users can opt into the InstaPay Daily subscription, which is free for the first month and then costs $9.99 per month.
    • Each night, the system automatically transfers the available balance into the user's Swag Spend account (SSA). This provides immediate access to earned wages, enhancing financial flexibility.
    • A deduction corresponding to the transferred amount is loaded into their KeyPay profile, similar to InstaPay Now.
    • Users have the flexibility to opt in or out of the subscription at any time.
  • Release Schedule: 3 April 2024
  • Target Users: Users paid monthly in arrears

Introduce Instapay in Employee Onboarding Flow

  • Description:
    • A new banner has been added to the Employee Onboarding flow under the Bank Details section, highlighting Instapay as an alternative payment method.
    • At the end of the onboarding process, users will see an "Introduction to Benefits" section. This section provides more information on Instapay, including use cases for spending and homeownership, and encourages users to download the Swag app.
  • Release Schedule: 3 April 2024
  • Target Users: AU HR users

Hero Points Push Notifications

  • Description:
    • Employees will now receive push notifications when they are rewarded with Hero Points. This feature is designed to increase awareness and usage of Hero Points.
    • Notifications will be sent in scenarios such as Employee Milestones, Employee Recognition, Manual Distribution, and Employer SAP.
  • Release Schedule: 3 April 2024
  • Target Users: Australia


Talent Management

9-Box Talent Grid

  • Description:
    • The 9-Box Talent Grid helps map the performance and potential of employees. It uses two rating scale questions in the Employee Scorecard answered by the Primary Manager.
    • Admins can view all employees in the 9-Box Talent Grid, while Primary Managers can see their direct reports. If an employee does not have performance and potential ratings saved, they will not be visible in the grid.
    • This tool provides a visual representation of employee performance and potential, aiding in talent management and development.
  • Release Schedule:
    • Alpha release (Internal EH-only): 4 April 2024
    • Public release AU Platinum: 5 April 2024
    • Public release UK Platinum: 2 May 2024
  • Target Users: Admins and Primary Managers

Retain Previous Managers' Performance Review Notes

  • Description:
    • When changing an employee’s manager during an active Performance Review Period, any notes left by the previous manager will now be retained. Admins will be notified of this change in the Employee File > Employment Details.
    • In the Employee File > Reviews section, both admins and primary managers can view notes left by previous managers. 
  • Release Schedule: 3 April 2024
  • Target Users: Admins and Primary Managers

Employee Scorecard

  • Description:
    • The Employee Scorecard MVP provides a quick overview of key data points in an employee’s profile, such as Salary Benchmark range and Absenteeism Score.
    • This feature aims to present valuable insights to Admins, Owners, Direct Managers, and Indirect Managers, helping them drive actionable outcomes and improve employee management.
  • Release Schedule: Public for AU platinum
  • Target Users: Admins, Owners, Direct Managers, and Indirect Managers


Workplace Compliance

Localised Items in the New Build Your Own Report Experience

  • Description:
    • NZ: The KiwiSaver data set includes fields for automatic enrolment, employee and employer contributions, opt-out dates, late opt-out reasons, and reasons for KiwiSaver ineligibility.
    • UK: The Work Eligibility data set includes fields for passport status, number, and expiry date, country of passport, visa type, start and expiry dates, and work eligibility documentation.
    • Additionally, the UK data field for employee addresses has been updated from "state" to "county" to improve accuracy and compliance.
  • Release Schedule: 4 March 2024
  • Target Users: Admin/Owners in NZ and UK regions on AIO and Platinum/Premium Plans

Safety Incident Report - BYOR Data Set

  • Description:
    • The Safety Incidents data set is now available in the Create My Own Report flow, allowing users to build customised Safety Incident Reports. This feature enhances reporting capabilities by enabling users to include additional data fields from other data sets.
  • Release Schedule: 4 March 2024
  • Target Users: Admin/Owners in all regions on AIO and Platinum/Premium Plans

Safety Incident Report - Stand-Alone Report

  • Description:
    • A new Stand-Alone Safety Incident Report has been introduced, accessible via Reports > Compliance. This report provides a comprehensive snapshot of safety incidents, with columns arranged to highlight the most valuable information first.
    • Users can filter the report by affected personnel, team, and location, and can download the data as a CSV file. Future updates will include timestamp details for each incident status.
  • Release Schedule: 4 March 2024
  • Target Users: Admin/Owners in all regions on AIO and Platinum/Premium Plans

React Migration of the Banking Details Tab in Employee Profile (AU)

  • Description:
    • The Banking Details tab in the Employee Profile has been updated to use React, providing a refreshed look and improved performance. This migration supports ongoing work in the Employee Profile area and enhances user experience.
  • Release Schedule: 4 April 2024
  • Target Users: AU
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