Week 17 2024 | Release notes

Here are the new releases and product updates from Employment Hero for the week of April 21-27 2024. 


Talent Management

Release Date: 18th April 2024
Target Users: AU Platinum

Improve the Employee Scorecard experience by applying CSS > Leave Requests settings

  • Description: The Absenteeism health indicator, previously shown by default for Direct and Indirect Managers, has been updated. Combined CSS > Leave Requests settings with the Employee Scorecard to ensure managers only access necessary employee information without compromising sensitive details.

eBenefits and FinTech - Benefits

Release Date: 19th April 2024
Target Users: All swag store and hero points purchase users

Add customer email and name to Stripe - Improve fraud detection for swag store payment

  • Description: Added customer email and name to Stripe for improved fraud detection. Initiative launched due to a P1 credit card misuse and fraud gift card purchase case on 26th March 2024.
  • Impact: Enhanced fraud detection for swag store payments.

Release Date: 22nd April 2024
Target Users: AU HR users on the app

Employee onboarding widget on Swag dashboard for InstaPay selection

  • Description: Introduced InstaPay to new employees during onboarding. Directed users to the Swag app to educate them on InstaPay Now and InstaPay Daily.

Improve InstaPay Now balance tile - remove loading view + WZ users

  • Description: Default tile shows “Access up to $250” until API finishes loading. Released to AU Workzone users.

eBenefits and FinTech - Embedded Super

Release Date: 19th April 2024
Target Users: AU HR

Super Choice Marketplace

  • Description: Employers can add SMSFs to an empty employee account from the profile edit screen.

Super Choice Marketplace - compliance

  • Description: New choice experience for partner fund nominations. New onboard users nominating an existing superfund via the partner lookup API go through the new choice experience.

Find your fund with the ATO

  • Description: Users are reminded they can search the ATO for any existing funds during the SCMP process.

AU Payroll

Release Date: 23rd April 2024
Target Users: Payroll Administrators

Aggregate PAYG (Pay As You Go) calculations

  • Description: Aggregated PAYG calculations across multiple pay runs with identical pay period dates. Eliminates manual calculations, reducing errors and ensuring accurate PAYG withholdings.

Integrate Super Payments within a Pay Run

  • Description: Super batches automatically populated with relevant dates and super contribution details from the pay run. New buttons and workflow improvements for creating and reviewing super payments.

Growth & CX Ops

Release Date: 22nd April 2024
Target Users: ANZ Free Trial/Demos

"Book a consult" floating element for sales bookings

  • Description: Added a floating element in the free trial/demo experience to book a 15 min sales call.

Release Date: 24th April 2024
Target Users: AU and UK Free trial users <10s

Organics - First Time Experience - Welcome Guide Appcues

  • Description: Introduced a brief guide for new users navigating the platform after account activation.


Release Date: 24th April 2024
Target Users: UK HR Standalone customers | UK AIO Customers (HR+PY)

UK Part-time public holiday

  • Description: New method for managing UK public holidays for part-time employees.


Release Date: 23rd April 2024
Target Users: Job seekers (Shifts and Giggles + Versatile Vocationer personas)

Notifications to All in 1 platform communication

  • Description: Consolidated all notifications for communications (DMs, emails) into one place. Users can set notification preferences and reply directly from email notifications.

Release Date: 24th April 2024
Target Users: SmartMatch/ATS Users

Consolidate all candidate communication in one place in ATS

  • Description: New communication tab in ATS candidate profile to view all DMs and emails in chronological order.

eBF Mobile Infrastructure

Release Date: 22nd April 2024 (Closed Beta) | 8th May 2024 (Public Release)
Target Users: Newly onboarded employees with contracts, HR and HR+Payroll

Dynamic dashboard CTA's for onboarding and contract signing

  • Description: Dynamic CTAs on the Swag dashboard to remind employees to sign their contracts and complete onboarding.


Release Date: 26th April 2024
Target Users: Admins

Introduce CPF mandatory contribution adjustment feature in pay runs

  • Description: New buttons within CPF adjustments to customise CPF calculations. Various reports updated with this function.
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