How do I edit my employment details via the HR platform?

Available for the following HR plans: Premium, Platinum
Available for the following user access level: Admin    

If the conditions of an employee's job status change, you must update their information to ensure that HR records stay current. The Employment Details feature allows you to make these changes, which are then reflected throughout the HR platform. This is a great time-saver for your organisation as it helps maintain accurate records of your employees.

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Edit data

Edit employment details
  1. Click the  People menu.
  2. Click the Employees List submenu.
  3. Select the employee whose details you need to update.
  4. Click the Employment details tab.
  5. Click the Edit button.
    screenshot of the employment details screen, highlighting the employment details tab and edit button
  6. Edit the following fields:
    • Employing entity

      Helpful Hint

      Here, you can assign your employee to an employing entity. To learn how to create a new entity, refer to this article.

    • Employee code
    • Location

      Helpful Hint

      Here, you can assign the employee's primary work location. To learn how to create new work locations, refer to this article.

    • Primary cost centre
    • Additional cost centres


      To use the Primary cost centre and Additional cost centres fields, you will require a connection to Employment Hero Payroll.

      Additional cost centres allow an employee to access a location that is not their primary cost centre. For example, when submitting a timesheet, it provides the employee with their primary and additional cost centre.

    • Employment type
    • Job title


      To edit Employment type and Job title, go to the employee's Employment history tab. To read more about the Employment History feature, refer to this article.

    • Primary manager


      If the HR platform is showing the same employee multiple times in the drop-down, this means there are duplicate employees on your platform. To learn how to correct this error, refer to this article.

    • Secondary manager
    • Start date
    • Termination date
    • Probation length
    • Company email
    • Company mobile
    • Company landline
    • Teams

      Helpful Hint

      Here, you can assign the employee to a team.

      • To learn how to create new teams, refer to this article.
      • To learn how to remove a team from the employee profile, please refer to the Removing a team from the employee file tab in the Further information section of this article.


      If you have assigned a team to a custom security group, the HR platform will automatically apply this security group to any new employees assigned to the team. To learn more about this feature, refer to this article.

  7. Click the Save button.
    screenshot of the employee file page, highlighting the save button

Further information

Removing a team from the employee file

To remove a team, just follow these steps in the Employee File screen:

  1. Click on the Teams (Optional) dropdown.
  2. Click the team you want to remove.
    screenshot of the teams section, highlighting the dropdown and a team to be removed

    Helpful Hint

    You will see that the team you have just clicked has been deselected.

    screenshot showing the previously clicked team has been deselected
  3. After that, click the Save button.
    screenshot highlighting the save button after deselecting a team

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