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As an organisation, you many need to collect and store employee data tailored to your business's specific needs. These could be questions such as what dietary requirement they have for catering events, what software they are most familiar with, right through to what parking spot they use daily.

The Additional Information feature is where an employee, manager or admin can view their organisations' custom fields and enter the required information. Depending on your organisation's Custom Fields settings, you may only have view access to these fields or you may see nothing as your business admin marked the fields as hidden.

To use this feature, your organisation's admin will first need to set up custom fields. To read further information on how to create a custom field refer to the following article.


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Getting started

Adding additional information
  1. Click the Personnel menu.
  2. Click the Employees submenu.
  3. Select the employee that needs additional information added.
  4. Click the Additional Information tab.
  5. Click the Edit button. 
  6. Complete the required fields and click the Save button.
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