Payroll data comparison: Information shown on Employment Hero pay slips


Integrating Employment Hero with your payroll platform makes Employment Hero your source of truth source for information such as company settings, payroll settings, and employee file data. When you connect the two platforms, Employment Hero will import your organisation details, payroll settings and employee files from your payroll platform automatically.

Depending on your chosen payroll connection, certain fields will show and others will not when you sync payslips over to your Employment Hero platform. Read on below to see a comparison of what information will show on your employee pay slips.

Helpful Hint

Even though a field may not show within a section, it could still be available in another section. For example, the platform does not show the PAYE amount within the Deductions section, but is instead available within the Pay Summary section.

Displayed pay slip information

Section. Field. Xero.
Employee Details. IRD Number.  
Employee ID.  
Employee Name.  
Employee Address.  
Employment Start Date.   
Pay Run Details. Pay Period.  
Payment Date.  
Pay Details Summary. Earning Lines.  
Leave Earning Lines.  
Timesheet Earning lines.  
Pay Breakdown. Rate.  
This Pay/Gross Earnings.  
Gross Earnings.  
Total pay.  
Tax Breakdown. Employee Tax Lines.  
Employer Tax Lines.  
Deductions. Deduction lines.  
Employee Contributions. KiwiSaver Contribution.  
Employer Contributions. KiwiSaver Contribution.  
Payroll Benefits. Bank Account Number.  
Leave Requests. Annual Holiday Balance.   
Sick Leave Balance.   
Leave Balance.  


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