How do I bulk issue documents to my employees? | HR FAQ

Available for the following HR plan: Platinum
Available for the following user access level: Admin   

The Bulk Issue Documents feature allows you to select the required employees and then choose the document to issue to all selected users. 


You can not use this feature to bulk issue documents to your Global Teams employees. Also, you can only select documents you created from the Advanced editor; i.e. you cannot select documents you uploaded via the Basic (PDF) editor.

Bulk Issue documents
  1. Click the   Compliance menu.
  2. Click the Bulk Issue Documents submenu.
  3. Use the following filters to refine your results:
    • Personnel type:
      • Employee
      • Contractor
    • Job title
    • Status:
      • Active
      • Pending
    • More:
      • Teams
      • Locations
  4. Select the employee that needs a document issued.
  5. Click the Continue button.
  6. Use the following filters to refine your results:
    • Template types
    • Countries
  7. Select the required document.
  8. Click the Continue button.
  9. Review and edit the document as you would when issuing and individual document.

    Helpful Hint

    • Grey variables will auto-populate with each recipient’s information. Make sure these are up to date.
    • You can manually edit pink variables, but they will display the same for each recipient.
    • You can remove and/or add blocks.
  10. Enter your signature in the Signature field.
  11. Click the I have Read and Understood the Disclaimer Above tick box
  12. Click the Continue button.
  13. Review your choices and if ok select the I have Read and Understood tick box.
  14. Click the Issue button.
  15. Click the Confirm button.

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