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How do I start the employee self-setup process?


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With the release of Employee Self Setup process, employers can say goodbye to the paperwork associated with hiring new employees. The feature lets employers manage the onboarding process from start to finish quickly and seamlessly. You can add all pay, tax and IRD details for the employee and you can track their progress through the onboarding process for each part of the journey. 


You can only use this feature if you are a legacy KeyPay payroll customer. For new Employment Hero Payroll-only customers, we advise that you sign up for our Employment Hero HR platform, which offers an Employe Self-Service module

Start the employee self-setup process
  1. Log into your Employment Hero Payroll platform.
  2. Click the Add Employee button.
  3. Click the Start Employee Self Setup button. SSSU_NZ.jpg
  4. A context panel will appear with the following fields to fill in:
    • First name.
    • Surname.
    • Email address.
    • Mobile number.
    • Employee starter type.
    • Employing entity.
    • Employee start type.
    • Qualifications required.
    • Emergency contact details required.

      Helpful Hint

      We strongly suggest you also enter the employee's Mobile Number as this is required for the employee to complete their verification process when completing the Tax File Declaration section.

      You are also able to configure an automatic reminder email that will be sent to the employee every x number of days until they complete all the steps of the onboarding process. If you do not wish reminder emails to be sent, you can unselect that option.

  5. Click the Save button.

    Helpful Hint

    The employee will now appear in the employee list as an incomplete employee. Click the   buton to complete the employees pay details. They will not appear in a pay run if their details are still incomplete, so you will need to complete their pay details before thet can recieve their pay.


    This step can only be completed by a full access user. Restricted users will not see the icons as they do not have permission to access and edit the employee details.


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