Learning platform: User access comparison


The Employment Hero learning platform has four types of users they are:

  • Learners.
  • Managers.
  • Content Admin.
  • Admin.

Depending on what user group you fall under will affect what features you can use within the Employment Hero Learning platform. The table below will show you a matrix, whereby you can compare what access a learner, manager, content admin and an admin will have on your organisation's  learning platform. 


If you change an employee's access within the Employment Hero Learning platform directly, this data does not flow back to the Employment Hero HR platform.

User access matrix

  Learner. Manager. Content Admin. Admin.
Learning material.        
Report on individual training via certificates.        
Report on individual training via transcripts.        
Report on learners they are managing.        
Edit some user specific profile fields for people in their team.        
Assign learning to their team per individual.        
Add new users to the system.        
Report on all learners in the system.        
Manage users.        
Assign learning to all users.        
Create groups for discussion.        
Create courses and other learning resources        
Assign other users to be course authors or assessors on courses.        
Able to edit the content and settings of any course.        
Report on the progress of each user.        
Mark all submissions for all users.        
Add and/or remove authors and assessors.        
Mark attendance to events.        
Able to control what premium content shows on the platform.        
Able to mark all assessment submissions for all users.        
Able to add or remove authors and assessors.        
Access portal settings.        
Access integrations.        
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