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Available for the following HR plans: Premium, Platinum
Available for the following user access levels: Employee   , Manager   , Admin   

The Employee Happiness feature allows you to rate your happiness out of ten and provide a comment on why you gave this rating. The data is anonymous, and there is no way for your organisation to identify you, when you use this feature.

To use the happiness feedback survey, an admin needs to enable this feature within Employee Engagement settings. To read further details on how to enable this feature, refer to the following article.

Daily activities

Complete the happiness survey
  1. Click the  Home menu.
  2. In the To do list widget, select your happiness score from one to ten.
  3. Enter a comment on why you gave the score you did.

    Helpful Hint

    Not sure what to write? If you are on our Platnium HR Plan you can type a few points in, then click   to have our AI help you generate a draft message. You will be able to refine the draft as you need before submitting. 

  4. Click the Submit button.

    Helpful Hint

    You will now see a Thank You For Your Response message and means the HR platform has successfully submitted your feedback. Once you have completed the survey, it disappears from your dashboard.



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