Setup my organisations business details via the payroll platform

Available for the following Payroll plan: Standard, Premium

As a business, you will constantly undergo changes that could just be a simple phone number change right through to updating your business name and legal entity. You can use the Business Details feature to update your organisational information stored within the payroll platform. The platform will reflect these changes you made in the business details section throughout the entire payroll platform.

Getting Started

The below premise will walk you through how to edit your organisation's business details.

Edit business details
  1. Log into your Employment Hero Payroll platform.
  2. Click the   Business Settings menu.
  3. Click the Payroll Settings submenu.
  4. Click the   Details button.
  5. Complete the following fields:
    • Business name.


      The Business Name is a required field that the platform uses as your display name and allows Employment Hero to identify your organisation.

    • Legal name.


      This is the name that appears on your employees’ payslips.

    • UEN.
    • International address.
    • Lookup address.
    • Block/house number.
    • Unit number.
    • Level number.
    • Street name.
    • Postcode.
    • Contact name.

      Helpful Tip

      This is the name that will appear in the notifications sent from the platform.

    • Contact email address.

      Helpful Tip

      This is the email address that will appear in the notifications sent from the platform.

    • Contact phone number.
    • Contact fax number.
    • Standard hours per day.


      The value assigned here defines the default standard work day. It will mean when leave for a day gets applied for, this is how many hours it will default to. If you have any business rules requiring overtime to be calculated on a daily basis, this number will drive when overtime is triggered. Employers with a week defined as 38 hours might have 7.6 hours set here.

      What you enter here can be changed on an employee level for anyone it does not apply to via their Pay Run Defaults screen. What you set here will be the default value for new employees, so we would suggest you apply your most common setting here.

    • Work week.
    • Allow SMS notifications.
  6. Click the Save button.
Change the business's primary contact
Unlike the HR platform, the payroll platform does not have an owner. Instead, the highest-ranking role is a full-access admin user. You can learn how to change admin access in this article. There is also a Contact name that can be changed in the Business Details section, although this does not change access rights. To learn how to change the Contact name, see the Edit business details section above. 

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