How do I view all my outstanding approval tasks via the HR platform

Available for the following HR plans: Premium, Platinum
Available for the following user access levels: Manager   , Admin   


How do I view my outstanding approval tasks?


The Action Items widget summarises all the requests from your employees that you need to review or approve. The widget also gives you a direct pathway to each feature, i.e. you can see you have five leave requests and go straight to the leave approvals page, all from the one centralised dashboard.

View my outstanding action items
  1. Click the  Home menu.
  2. In the Action items widget you will see all your outstanding tasks.
  3. Click the   button to go to the respective approval page.

Further information

What tasks can I expect to see under Action items?
Managers and admins can expect to see the following under Action items:
  • Recognition
  • Leave requests
  • Timesheet requests
  • Expenses
  • Safety incidents
  • Performance reviews
  • Certifications

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