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Sometimes you might need to manually trigger and onboarding task as maybe the platform did not send the task out or maybe you need it sent earlier then the scheduled time. To help users, we allow you to manually trigger an onboarding checklist via the Employment File Overview page and/or the Employee Management page by using the Trigger Onboarding Checklist feature.


HR Plan:   Premium   Platinum
  User Access:   Employee         Manager         Admin      

  We base the default access level on a per user basis and whether they have  view,  edit and  delete access and excluding any changes made via our Custom Security feature.

Getting started

The below premises will walk you through how to trigger an onboarding task.

Manually trigger an onboarding checklist: Employee file
  1. Click the   Personnel menu.
  2. Click the Employees submenu.
  3. Select the employee that needs an onboarding checklist triggered.
  4. Click on the Overview button.
  5. Click the Trigger Checklists button.
  6. Click the Confirm button.
Manually trigger an onboarding checklist: Employee management page
  1. Click the   Employee menu.
  2. Click the Actions button.
  3. Click the Trigger Onboarding Checklist button.
  4. Click the Confirm button.

Author recommended

So you have now manually triggered an onboarding task and you are now wondering what next can I do. There are two recommendations I would make on this front and they are:

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